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Penticton is located in the south central region of British Columbia, in an area known collectively as the Okanagan Valley. With over 2100 hours of sunshine and only 15 inches or rain annually, Penticton has a comfortable climate year round. Add two fresh water lakes and gentle rolling mountains, and you have an ideal vacation spot.

A Biking Community

With our great weather, extended season and world-class variety of routes and trails, it’s no surprise that Penticton is a cycling community. We like to get out and about – whether we’re cruising a leisurely path between wineries, taking a technical route down the side of a mountain, racing in international competitions like the Axel-Merckx Granfondo or spending a Sunday at the local BMX park.

Thousands of cyclists are drawn here every year for our numerous events and cycle-attractions – regardless of what kind (or what level) of cyclist they are. As a community, we’ve mapped out beginner and professional routes for road cyclists, mountain bikers, off-roaders, single trackers and families. Contact Epic Cycling for our road cycling wine tours!

If that wasn’t enough, many of our local businesses are cyclist-friendly too. We have top notch tour companies, rental shops, equipment providers, accommodations, cafes and breweries who are happy to accommodate you when you need a break. We also have a large trail map, bike repair kit and several bike racks right beside the beach in the heart of downtown.

Lastly, our cycling community is thriving. Thanks to countless volunteers, avid community members and passionate cyclists, we launched a city-wide biking initiative to keep our trail network growing and improving. They offer an active voice in trail design and maintenance, as well as event support and organizing rides. Their coaches and long-time members provide a wealth of knowledge to the community, for residents and new-comers alike.

The City of Penticton is delighted to announce our newly declared status as a Biking Precinct by the BC Ministry of transportation for all these reasons, and more.

Community Events Calendar

Penticton hosts cycling events for all levels and riding styles, from road and multi-sport to mountain biking from April through October. Take a look at the calendar:

2018 Dates Name of Event Official Event Website Location
Jan 13-14 Okanagan Valley Throwdown http://www.throwdownseries.ca/the-series Penticton
Feb 17 Apex Mountain Resort: Brewski https://www.apexresort.com/events Apex Mountain
Feb 24 OneWorld Multicultural Celebration http://www.soics.ca/programs/welcoming-communities Penticton
Mar 10 Verticals and Vintages https://www.apexresort.com/events Apex Mountain Resort
Mar 6-7 Okanagan Concert Band Festival https://okconcertband.weebly.com Penticton
Mar 9-18 CSSHL BDO Championships http://championships.csshl.ca Penticton
Mar 24 Penticton Ramada Elevator Race http://www.hoodooadventures.ca/the-elevator-race Penticton
Apr 6-8 Okanagan Valley Writer’s Festival https://okanaganvalleywritersfestival.com Penticton
Apr 13-14 Okanagan Fest of Ale http://festofale.ca Penticton
May 3-13 Spring Okanagan Wine Festival https://www.thewinefestivals.com Okanagan, BC
May 12 Barley Mill Pub Bare Bones Duathlon http://www.pentictontriathlonclub.com/events Penticton
May 17-21 Meadowlark Festival http://meadowlarkfestival.ca Penticton, Similkameen Valley
Jun 2 Penticton Beer Run http://www.hoodooadventures.ca/penticton-beer-run Penticton
Jun 11-17 Peach City Bridge Tournament http://tournaments.acbl.org Penticton
Jun 21-24 Pacific Northwest Elvis Festival http://www.pentictonelvisfestival.ca Penticton
Jun 22-24 Peach City Beach Cruise http://www.peachcitybeachcruise.com Penticton
Jun 29-Jul 2 Penticton Ribfest http://www.pentictonribfest.com Penticton
Jul 1 Penticton Canada Day Celebraions http://downtownpenticton.org/canadaday Penticton
Jul 1 Okanagan Trestles Tour http://www.okanagantrestlestour.com Myra Canyon to Penticton
Jul 7 Penticton Scottish Festival http://www.pentictonscottishfestival.ca Penticton
Jul 8 Prospera Granfondo Axel Merckx http://www.granfondoaxelmerckx.com Penticton
Jul 15 Peach Classic Triathalon http://peachclassic.ca Penticton
Aug 8-12 Penticton Peach Festival https://www.peachfest.com Penticton
Aug 8-11 Penticton Square Dance Festival https://peachfest.com/peachfest-events/be-active-at-peachfest/peachfest-square-dance-festival Penticton
Aug 17-19 Superleague Triathlon Series https://superleaguecanada.com Penticton
Sep 7-9 Pentastic Hot Jazz Festival http://www.pentasticjazz.com Penticton
Sep 8-9 Penticton Dragon Boat Festival https://pentictondragonboat.com Penticton
Sep 22 Freak’n Farmer Adventure Obstacle Race http://www.hoodooadventures.ca/freakn-farmer-adventure-obstacle-race Penticton
Sep 27-Oct 7 Okanagan Fall Wine Festival https://www.thewinefestivals.com Okanagan, BC
Oct 20 Penticton Oktoberfest http://pentictonoktoberfest.ca Penticton
Nov 1-5 Ashley Home Store Curling Classic http://pentictoncurlingclub.com Penticton
Dec 1 Santa Claus Parade http://downtownpenticton.org/santa-claus-parade Penticton


The Okanagan, Similkameen and Thompson river valleys experience BC’s hottest summers, with temperatures often in the 30s °C. The Similkameen Valley, the approximately 4,000 hectares (9,900 acres) of vineyards planted in the Okanagan account for more than 90% of all wine produced in British Columbia and are second in economic importance for wine production to the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario.

The Wines of British Columbia are exceptionally food-friendly. Our extreme northern growing conditions – at the very edge of where grapes can be grown – produce wines with a remarkable balance between fruitiness and acidity. Our wines are fresh, crisp and lively, which makes them perfect for food and impressively adaptable.

The Okanagan and Similkameen climates are well suited to sustainable and organic grape growing – there are an increasing number of vineyards switching to organic techniques. Hot summers, low rainfall, low humidity and persistent winds all help to reduce damage and crop losses from pests and diseases.