Come join our Epic Cycling season starter ride & Vineyard Adventures May 20th, 2018.

This is our season starter ride, and the weather should be perfect. Let’s make this a fun and memorable experience, cycling the local Penticton back roads and visiting 2 wineries along the way. Enjoy the wine tastings and amazing farm to table food that the area has to offer. Let’s try and get as many people out for this event and get the word out about Epic Cycling Penticton and show how great our ride leaders really are!

Epic Cycling has many wineries that portray the beauty of the area as well as the quality of food. The views of the Skaha Lake are breathtaking and will leave lasting memories. Penticton’s back country roads are the type of riding you dream of, with rolling hills and fast flats. If you prefer climbing, our ride leaders will take you up into the long mountain climbs and descents that give you that rush.

We are giving you a true European or Napa experience that is a fantastic value for your money. Those from the United States will have the benefit of the good dollar and those from Europe will benefit from the Euro comparison. With over 100 wineries in the area, we have our choice of where to take you that suites your wants and needs!