Okanagan, Out and Back, October 2022
A poem by a wonderful guest

Two days to get here, ‘twas a bit of a chore, Met Daniel at Kelowna who opened the door.
The last to arrive at Naramata the Inn, Questions at dinner with Tom and Erin.

Favorite moments of your day, what made you humbly proud? We started to know each other as we answered aloud.
Rules of the road were set, Daniel gave the word, Fashion is first, then fun, safety is third.

Day One was mostly the Kettle Valley Railway, Daniel was in back and Darcy led the way.
South to Penticton and along Skaha Lake

Tom blew a tire, then at Noble Ridge we sure ate!
A Harvest Work lunch “over the top”, courses and sipping, We finished in the vineyard carefully snipping.

At Poplar Grove we dined “al fresco” with Daniel’s SK. And Tom was hailed with the nose of the day!
Next day we rode more than the day before, On the Iron Man route, hope we won’t be sore!

White Lake Rd took us past a few lakes,
At See Ya Later Ranch we put on the brakes.

Home grown veggies and some fruits on a platter, We prayed it would save us from getting much fatter!
Gene Covert’s truck was truly a classic, We toured hundreds of acres, all organic.

Burrowing Owl outside Oliver, our next destination. With a pool and a closet, now this is vacation!
Phantom Creek Estates, built by the family Bai, Was where we dined up in the sky.

A meal we shared as Bob entertained, And George was denied any champagne.
Back on the KVR aside the Okanagan on groad we crunched, We saw a bald Eagle and sockeye salmon before a picnic lunch.

SK and Gecko joined us with glee,
Awarded us t-shirts with Okopogo in burgundy.

Ted Kane told River Stone’s story, served us wine enough, Below the majesty of the McIntyre Bluff.
SORCO was our next stop where raptors can heal, Burrowing owls are Jim Wyse’s big deal.

Later Jim gave us the Burrowing Owl tour, Fascinating winery, our first without a pour.
Midge joined us at the Sonora Room, “al fresco” we dined. And as usual, we were more than well wined.

Back in the saddle for day number four, The valley Similkameen was today’s tour.
Scree on the hillsides, a tinge of smoke above us,

As we whipped through the sleepy town of Keremeos.
The valley was wide, fewer vineyards, less green,

Then wow what a meal, Ariel served us at Row Fourteen!
Now we are finishing here at Tinhorn Creek, Miradoro is our final meal of the week.

Scenery spectacular each and every day, The company was fabulous in every way.
The wine flowed forever, guess that’s a given, In the van by Tamara or Darcy we’re driven.

Bob loved his Trek bike, especially in turbo, While the rest of us, barely left eco.
Janet and Ed we’ve known forever,

And thanks to them we took this endeavor.
We met Kathy and Tom from Toronto town, Truly they’re pro’s, they’ve got biking down.

George it was an honor and a privilege to share this bespoke, Now we urge you, open it to all biking folk.
Daniel, Tamara, Darcy, what can we say? You managed every detail, every single day.

No longer the newbies, Dana and Bob are we, And we’re proud to be part of B and R family.
Thanks for the memories, they mean so much We’ll see you next trip, til then stay in touch.