Over the last 20+ years, the Penticton wine in Okanagan Valley has established itself as one of the world’s best wine regions. The region’s wineries are regularly featured among the world’s elite at international competitions, and USA Today even named it the 2nd best wine region to visit in the world, second only to Portugal.


From stylish Chardonnays to sassy Gewürztraminers, there is a BC white to satisfy even the most discerning palette.


There is nothing quite like a big, bold BC red or the sweet kiss of a pretty pinot noir to truly soothe the soul. Taste the sun, earth and water in our character reds.


With a finish that’s playful and refreshing, BC’s award winning Late Harvest and Icewine, Sparkling and Rosé wines are sure to light up any occasion.

BC VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance) is the appellation of origin and quality standard for the Wines of British Columbia. Established in 1990, BC VQA certified wines must meet specific standards with respect to their origin, vintage and varietals. These wines are also assessed by a qualified panel and also must meet the criteria for quality characteristics before they can be designated as BC VQA. To put it simply, when you see BC VQA on a bottle, it is your guarantee that you’re sipping a wine that is 100% grown and made in British Columbia.


It all lies in the region’s soil and climate conditions, which control the quality and production of wine. The province’s diverse terrain allows growers to produce a wide variety of wine varietals, from bold Merlot to refreshing Sauvignon Blanc.

Similkameen wines have characteristics and flavours that are only found in this valley. It’s that special combination of altitude, sunshine, moisture, wind, and our unique soil that combine to create the perfect conditions for our award-winning wines.

The beauty of the Similkameen is raw, natural, rugged and awe inspiring. Ages ago, glaciers covered this land. You can still visualize their retreat as you look over the rolling hills and rocky, weathered cliffs. In some places, you’ll see formations called alluvial fans. These triangle-shaped deposits are comprised of sand, gravel, sediment and silt. They were created when water flowed down the mountain side.

The Similkameen Valley and the vineyards that lie within get around 2600+ hours of sunshine a year. During the peak of the growing season, the vineyards can get as much as two hours more sunlight per day than famed regions such as Napa Valley in California.

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So come to Penticton! Enjoy the wine, the food, and all the great activities, both in summer and winter. It’s all here waiting for you.