“All the bikes were in excellent condition and all were great quality.”

Bike Rentals in Penticton!

Our Penticton bike rentals provide something for everyone. We have electric bikes, beach cruisers with wide comfy seats, gravel bikes with wider tires and front suspension, and high performance road bikes for long, enjoyable rides. Book your Ride!

Bike riding in Penticton is a great way to see our beautiful city and keep your mind and body healthy. Epic Cycling is dedicated to your biking adventure with all the safety measures in place to give you a great day out.

We have great pricing and keep our bikes in top shape with frequent maintenance checks and tune-ups. Our bikes are very popular and we consider Epic to be the spot to rent bikes. Explore Penticton at your own pace or book a tour!

Located at the Kettle Beach Resort on Lakeshore Drive, Epic Bike Rentals can give you ideas and instructions for exploring Penticton. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be sure to give you riding and safety instructions along with some fun local insights about the area. Come on down and we’ll get you rolling with a Penticton bike rental!

Touring Trek Allant 7+ E-Bikes

Electric bike rentals Penticton BC

With state of the art e-bike technology, our pedal-assist bikes are a fantastic option for cyclists who desire a little extra push. Although you must still pedal, the e-bike drive gives a nice boost for your efforts – when your pedal stroke increases to go up a hill, so does the amount of power the electric motor outputs.

Combining traditional biking with an added electric motor makes Penticton’s hills easy to explore and climb. We’ll tell you everything you need to know, provide a map with bike paths, and self-guided recommendations on biking in Penticton.

Our convenient location at the Kettle Valley Beach Resort on Lakeshore Drive on Lake Okanagan makes for the perfect place to begin your route.

Our friendly Epic Cycling staff will help you with choosing the right sized bike and suggest a great route. You will cover more ground with less effort! If you’re planning to visit any wineries for a tasting, a reservation for the winery is a must.

Our bike rentals can be ridden without assist, however, they are much heavier than a regular bike.

Operating range depends on many factors such as the assistance level, gear switching behaviour, route profile, head wind, and temperatures, but generally the average range of our battery packs is 110km (68 miles).

Riding an e-bike is easy and we will provide you with instructions at the bike fitting.

You must have a valid credit card for the booking or reservation along with ID if asked.

If you are more than 15 minutes late for your reservation drop off, you will be charged an additional $25.00 per 15 minutes.
2 hours: $40
4 hours or 1/2 day: $65
Full day: $85

Complete the booking form below if you want to venture out on an e-bike or have a group that would like a booking.

**please come equipped with proper footwear and cycling apparel for an enjoyable ride. (jeans, heals and flip flops are not recommended).

Gravel Bikes

4 hours: $60
Full day: $85

Trail Bikes

Per hour:$20
Full day: $50


We have 2 single kayaks available for rent. These are equipped with a safety bag and lifejackets.
Per hour: $20
Full day: – $80


These come with a lifejacket for your use.
Per hour: $20

Accessories Included with Bike Rentals

  • We include a helmet at no extra cost – please advise if required and what size (s,m,l) on your reservation form below.
  • Water bottles are also available for purchase at a price of $5.00 – we encourage you to bring your own and help reduce plastic waste!

Accessories included with Bike Tour Rentals

  • Our push bikes come equipped with flat pedals.
  • Our push bikes also come equipped with a flat tire kit; (do not ride if you have a flat as you will be charged for damage to the rim).
  • E-bikes are equipped with flat pedals only (for safety reasons).
  • If you’re bringing your own pedals (spd pedals, for example), we will be happy to install them for you at the bike fitting. Please tell us when you send in your tour reservation form.
  • Lightly used helmets are available free of charge, upon request – you can use the tour reservation form to let us know your size (s,m,l) and these are mandatory to wear in British Columbia.
  • Water bottles are also available for purchase at a price of $5.00 (we encourage our customers to bring their own and help reduce plastic waste!).
  • We have one side pack that fits the e-bikes and if available is an additional $10.00.

Rent a Bike in Penticton

Tell us about your bike requirements and contact us with any questions.

Price List

All prices are subject to GST (5%)

2 hours: $40
4 hours or 1/2 day: $65
Full day: $85

Gravel Bike
4 hours: $60
Full day: $85

Trail Bike
Per hour: $20
Full day: $85

Per hour: $20

Per hour: $20
Full day: $80

E-Bike2 hours$40
4 hours or 1/2 day$65
Full day$85
Gravel Bike4 hours$60
Full day$85
Trail BikePer hour$20
Full day$50
PaddleboardPer hour$20
KayaksPer hour$20
Full day$80

* All rentals include safety equipment (i.e.: helmets)
* See rental agreement for any damage or loss.
** Discount for guests staying at the Kettle Valley Beach Resort – Ask us!